Course: Platforms and Democracy: when capital sets the tone and algorithms set the pace

Danilo Oliveira

10/18/20231 min read

How are digital platforms reshaping contemporary society? What is the role of platforms in capitalism and their impact on current political and social struggles? This and other questions will be debated in the Platforms and Democracy course: when Capital sets the tone and Algorithms set the pace, carried out through a partnership between the collective DiraCom - Direito à Comunicação e Democraci and the Obscom-Plataformas project, from the Observatory of Economics and Communication at the Federal University of Sergipe (OBSCOM-UFS), with funding from FAPESP.

The course will take place between the 17th and 19th of November, in the auditorium of the Union of Professional Journalists of the Federal District, in Brasília (DF). Registration is free and must be done in advance, as places are limited. Participation certificates will be issued.

Large digital platforms are extremely relevant political and economic actors in the current scenario, whose interests directly affect the configuration of relations between countries and local political and social struggles. The constant interference of these groups in electoral processes and public debate, as seen in Brazil, during the discussion on Bill 2,630, illustrates its impacts on democracies. Given this, the initiative aims to offer an updated discussion on power and communication, considering old and new challenges, such as the configuration of monopolies and the opaque operation based on algorithms, which enable new forms of exercising power.

The event has the support of the Union of Professional Journalists of the Federal District (SJPDF) and Jubileu Sul Brasil.

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