Cade launches second report on digital economy

Material deepens debate on competition policies in the digital economy



2/6/20241 min read

The Administrative Council for Economic Defense (Cade) launched, this Friday (02/02), the reportBrics in the Digital Economy: Competition Policy in Practice (2nd Report). This work seeks to present the results of the working group created during the 5th Brics Competition Conference, which took place in Brasília, in 2017.

The series of documents created aims to improve understanding of competition policies in the digital economy, in addition to improving future cooperation between authorities.

The purpose of this second report, which is not a standard, is to deepen the scope of the debate on digital markets, both in the assessment of mergers and acquisitions and anti-competitive conduct in the digital environment, identifying common points and promoting debate on some of the main characteristics of digital markets.

Among the topics covered in the material are: the definition of “relevant market” in digital markets, criteria for evaluating market power, analysis of specific challenges raised in cases of anti-competitive conduct, mergers and remedies in digital markets, among others.

The first report was released in 2019 during the VI Brics Competition Conference, held in Moscow, Russia. The material provides an overview of competition policy and enforcement in the countries of the economic bloc, addressing different experiences in the application of antitrust rules and exploring challenges and insights from each of the countries represented.

The working group's activity began with a questionnaire that probed the practices and challenges faced within the digital economy by the competition authorities of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, then participants in the economic bloc until 2023. The expectation is that the material creates a solid basis for the bloc's members to strengthen cooperation.

Click here to access the full report.